10er is an open start-up. On this page you can see how much money it makes, how much activity there is and some of what it costs to run.


10er is a business. The projects pay 8% to use the service. Here's the monthly income since the project's beginning. (This is my cut with VAT):

💡 Fun fact: Many projects release episodes on fridays so months with 5 fridays have historically had higher income.


💡 Fun fact: At least 154 are podcasts and receive donations per episode. 47 receives donations per month.


💡 Fun fact: If a subscription fails for 3 months in a row it gets suspended. This explains drops in subscription counts in the beginning of months.

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Cancellations & Pauses

Cancel reason


What does it entail to run a system like 10er? Here's an overview of what some of the income above goes to:

NB: Prices are loosely converted to USD for the sake of ease. My spreadsheet skills wont win any awards.

Some of the entries are shared between 10er and other services I run. I've included them anyway for the sake of completeness.

Supporting Open Source

10er is built on top of many other people's Open Source work.

Supporting a better world

10er only works because the people who can afford to give choose to do so. In that same spirit, I choose to redistribute some of the money that I make in the process to worthy causes.